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Hollywood Bingo is on a roll this year. Although Hollywood Bingo is a relatively new online bingo site, it is competing at par with the well established and longer running bingo sites of today. This site is loved by UK players because they are just too generous when it comes to bonuses and prizes.

Getting to Know Hollywood Bingo

Hollywood Bingo will treat you like a star. You can become part of this sensational online site by simply clicking the join button. Upon joining the site, you will be welcomed with 1000 Star Points. All the new players are entitled to this bonus.
The bonus points you get are convertible to cash. Every 1000 star points you earn is equivalent to £1.00. Every pound you make on the site will earn you more star points as part of their loyalty program. This means that you will earn more when you play more bingo games on the site.

Games Featured at Hollywood Bingo

You can choose between free bingo games or paid bingo games, whichever suits your preference.
They have categorized their games into the Red Carpet Zone and the Star Search Zone. The Red Carpet Zone will give you more privileges than the other zone. The game tickets in the Red Carpet Zone are cheaper and they offer bigger jackpots.
Here are some of the featured games in the site:

1. 90-ball Bingo

Being a UK based online bingo hall, it is obvious that this site will offer 90-ball bingo. Their 90-ball bingo comes with a progressive jackpot that can earn you a fortune.
Under their 90-ball bingo game category are the following bingo rooms:
Glamorous Gals – this bingo room is only available for funded players and is open from 12am-9am daily.
Superstars Room – this bingo room is accessible 24/7 and the ticket costs start from 5p to 25p.
– Silver Screen Room – this game room is open from 6am-12am. The room is amazing because the ticket prices only range from 1p to 5p. There is just one downside to this game room; it does not have available chat boxes.

2. 75-ball Bingo

Their 75-ball bingo also has progressive jackpots that are big enough to change your lifestyle.
The 75-ball bingo game category also has several bingo game rooms where you can play and they are as follows:

– Star Search Room – You need to have a deposit in order for you to play this game. It is a game room without chat and the ticket prices range from 1p to 2p.
– Red Carpet Room – this game room is open from 6am-12am every day and there will be random Tinsel Town Full House game from 7am-12am which will give you the chance to win £1,000. The tickets for this game only cost 50p.
– Beverly Hills Bingo – this is another game room that has no chat service. The game tickets cost only 10p to 15p.
Truly, Hollywood Bingo is one of the newest online bingo sites that have a lot to offer. You better try it out now and don’t get left behind with the hottest online game trends.