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Bingo Online games are pari-mutuel, which means that the payout prize depends on the total funds generated from the sales of the tickets for each game. Many popular online sites set a guaranteed amount of prize money for each game even when few people are playing, so the winner always gets a substantial amount, especially when the site is popular and many people buy tickets for the game.

More tickets sold means that the prize is higher, but the probability of winning becomes lower. The only way to have higher chances of winning Bingo Online games is to buy more tickets for every game. Some sites limit the number of tickets that are sold to one player, but the maximum limit is usually more than the number that you can properly monitor to claim a bingo win before the succeeding number is drawn.

You get the biggest payouts from bingo online games whose progressive jackpot games offer a proportion of the generated ticket sales and are pooled into the overall jackpot prize. Progressive jackpot prizes continue to grow until a lucky player wins the game. Many sites hold progressive jackpot games so if you want to take a chance in winning the best payouts, you have to take the time to search for the sites where the prize money for progressive jackpot games has not been won for some time.

Bingo Online games are not only fun to play, and can be quite profitable. Because the numbers are drawn randomly, there is no set strategy in winning a game except buying more tickets to increase your chances of winning. Many sites have bingo rooms where tickets cost as low as 2p, so you do not have to spend huge amounts to try your luck in hitting a huge payout. Whether you go for the 2p, 10p or £1 bingo room, the payout is always substantial if you join reputable sites, and you will have a fun time playing and socializing with other players in the chat room.

Many sites offer substantial payouts for Bingo Online games, but you have to consider other factors like customer service, security of personal information, and the payout percentage for the site. Joining sites with high payout rates mean that the prize for each game can be higher because the site puts a larger percentage of the ticket sales into the prize pool. You can try your luck at any of the sites listed here, which are known to hold regular jackpot games, give substantial payouts and provide excellent service to players.

Bingo Online Games with High Payout

  •  William Hill Bingo has special promotions daily, weekly, and monthly where the prizes at stake are quite substantial. The signing in process is quite easy, and you get to enjoy bonuses and free games when you register.
  •  Wink Bingo has a wide selection of games and bingo rooms, and you automatically receive a cash bonus and free games when you register. You can play free games, penny games, or play guaranteed games with prizes that range from £500 to £2500.
  •  Cheeky Bingo offers free games with real cash prize, chat games, progressive jackpot games, and instant wins. You receive £20 free bingo bonus and a 200% first deposit bonus when you join the site.
  •  Heart Bingo is a relatively new site so you have better chances of winning since the players are not as many as in other sites. The site has interesting promotions and a wide selection of games, including BOGOF (buy one get one free) bingo.

Bingo Online games are fun when you join a site that offers exciting games and release prompt payments to winners. Identifying one or two sites for regular play may be more enjoyable since you can establish online friendships with other regular patrons and you can rely on your own experience to rate the services that the site offers.