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There are different types of online bingo sites that you must know about before registering to one site. Different online bingo sites have specific features that fit a certain class of players like the novice, the experts and senior players. It is important that you know the difference between these sites and knowing which category you belong to is also as equally important.

Here are the two broad categories of online bingo sites for novice and expert players:

Free Play Bingo Games for Novice Players

– These types of bingo games are the best for practice purposes. If you do not have any experience with online bingo and you are more comfortable with hands on experience rather than reading tremendous bingo reviews, this is the best avenue for you. Since it is only for practice purposes, most of the free bingo sites do not let you withdraw the winnings you see on your screen.

Real Money Online Casino and Bingo Sites for Expert Players

-These types of bingo sites require the players to make deposits of a certain amount of money to be able to join their site. This kind of bingo site is best for expert players because there are risks involved because real money is now at stake, but of course the novice players may also join the sites if they want to and if they are willing to take chances. The edge of expert players when entering this type of site is that they already know how the industry works so they will be able to play it without too many losses.

Best Online Bingo Sites for Novice Players

Here are some of the games offered at jackpot city review for free and fun bingo games:

1. Bingo by Masque Publishing

-You can play free bingo on this site with your friends. You get to experience the excitement of marking your cards virtually while waiting for the number combinations to pop out off the screen. Here’s a tip so that you will win more play money in this game: Play in bingo rooms with less players, that way the probability of winning is increased.

2. Gamepoint Bingo by Gamepoint

-You can access this fun site at The bingo game offered is only 75-ball bingo but it doesn’t make the game worth any less. You can still enjoy playing it with your friends while you are on a vacation or even just a short break.

3. Bingo USA by Playsino

-This is another simulating bingo game that is available for free. There is no need to download the game because you will be playing directly on your device’s browser. This is a very social game because you can interact with other active players all around the world. Although it does not give you real cash prizes, the fun is still there like any other bingo games.

With these free games, you can practice your online gaming skills and prepare for a tougher bingo battle on real money online bingo sites. As they always say “Experience is the greatest teacher”.